Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What is she talking about inches?

What I am saying is how many people go through life that can be changed by a little push one direction or the other?

How many of us in middle class America could be ruined or saved by a few thousand dollars?

I watch tv just like every average Joe or Jill in this country, but I have recently started thinking odd little thoughts while I watch. Do the celebrities on these movies and shows have any real clue what the rest of us are like? Of course you hear about all how they grew up in middle class neighborhoods white picket fence and all, but do they remember that? or do they choose to forget?

I watched E! the other day and saw the price that some of these celebs shelled out for their weddings. What were these people smoking? I sat and watched as the price tags got higher and higher for the weddings... Millions of dollars spent on one day... all I could think of was how these people were dropping Millions on one single day of their lives (of which a lot end up divorced later) and a drop of that would make such a huge difference in my life.

They say money can't buy happiness... It sure can make a difference in memories though. Do you think any of those celebs worry about how to put shoes on their kids feet? I bet they don't. But it sure keeps me up some nights.

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