Thursday, December 25, 2008

4 am Who knew?

Who would have thought that so many thoughts could process at 4 am.Until about 3 days ago I didn't really acknowledge much between midnight and 6 am.

Of course when you have a dog that keeps eating things that she shouldn't you find that 4 is the magic hour when she will have to go outside. And let's face it I would rather open the door and stand in the cold than take the chance and have to clean up after her when I didn't listen.

Then I am one of the lucky people in life I get to curl up in bed next to the love of my life. Of course at this moment that love sounds like someone trying to start a chainsaw. Which would be why I am blogging instead of sleeping.

Then of course we must also consider that it is Christmas morning and the kids will be up in a few hours. There is something wrong with my water and it is coming out yellow, and there is no way I can afford a plumber on a holiday.

Would I trade lives with someone right now???

Not in a million years. I have LOVE in my life and FAITH that it will be ok!

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